Military Standard Training

Achieve the Military Standard

Alternative Provisioin

Developing character and resillience

Programme Aims

Our programmes aim to work with parents and teachers to improve overall learner outcomes, through embedding the values and standards (ethos) of the Armed Forces and can be directly referenced to Ofsteds Behaviour criteria and promoting British Values and standards in order to develop transferable lifelong skills and inspire young people to achieve.

Learner Outcomes

Through improving attendance and punctuality as well as realigning behaviours, our programme will enable learners to improve their academic levels and achievement and to make a positive contribution to the society around them. 

A study by Swansea University into four current trial “military ethos” projects in schools serving 57 pupils found there was a marked rise in the number of students with improved academic achievement, including 56% with improved math’s grades, 46% with improved reading grades and 70% with improved writing grades.

Fleixible options

We have a variety of options and cost plans available ranging from 1 learner for 1 day per week for 1 term to multiple learners on full time programmes (4 days per week/24 hours) with English and maths qualifications included for whole academic year. Whatever your need, we have a solution.