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We all understand the health benefits of exercise. We have been told since primary school how much exercise we should be doing. So the decision is not should we do exercise or not, but rather choosing who to trust to guide us through our fitness journey, ensuring we get the best value for money and make the most of your time invested.

Outdoor Military Fitness

Outdoor sessions at Clarence Park, Bury on Tuesday and Thursday nights 1830-1930hrs and Sunday Mornings 1030-1130hrs.

£25 per month membership with no contract or joining fee means no hard selling and as little as £1.92 per session.

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

Are you investing in a happy, healthy workforce?

Do you want to reduce the number of sickness absences and create an energized workforce?

If so we can bring the gym to you!!

Contact us for more information on lunchtime and after-work sessions in the workplace.