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  Building character and resillience

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Its the hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done.
Alex, 17 from Bolton

Another milestone accreditation achieved by Military Standard Training and it's passionate and dedicated staff. 
Here's what the assessor had to say about us:
"They provide strong role models for students which helps in their development"
 "The course covers a lot of the elements that these young people need addressing and does it very quickly.”
"Access to IAG for learners is excellent. In addition to formal reviews, learners believe that they have access to support whenever it is needed from any of the staff team who are visible, accessible and are always willing to make time to discuss issues; there is a tangible passion displayed by all staff to support learners. The introduction of a therapist and counsellor once a week at the centre has further enhanced the support available. Learners are very clear about what help they can access from this source through an introduction session at the beginning of their programme, and those who have used it speak very highly of its value. The mix of consistent structure, high levels of warmth and nurture provided in different but complementary ways by the staff and the counsellor/therapist provide a unique cocktail of support that is valued by learners and achieves excellent outcomes"

"The organisation demonstrates high levels of commitment to equality and diversity. There is an acknowledgement within the organisation that there is a general perception amongst the public that the armed services do not do enough to promote this agenda and the organisation does all it can to promote these values. Learners, especially females and those of minority ethnic heritage, feel they are treated “as part of the team”

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Building character and resilience.


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Welcome to Military Standard Training. We are a military community united by core British values and standards and those of the Armed Forces.

Dedication, discipline and mutual respect establish a sense of belonging as we strive to better the lives of military veterans and those who would aspire to serve in the British Armed Forces.

We aspire to a secure, supportive and stimulating environment where Courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty, selfless commitment, humility and humour are practiced with courtesy, consideration and common sense.

We believe that each person should be encouraged to realise their full potential by developing character and resilience through role modelling professional standards, positive commitment and achievement.

We aim to develop the whole person and enable them to make a positive contribution to their community, society as a whole and our great nation.

Part Funded by the European Social Fund