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Joining the army - a new recruit's story

Posted on 22 November, 2018 at 7:25
There's no dispute that joining the armed forces is an excellent career choice. Great pay, the chance to see the world and training that is second to none ??? what???s not to love? Yet those first few months at training college can be gruelling and take their toll, both mentally and physically. Andy Emmet, Managing Director of Bury-based Military Standard Training give his view on why so many youngsters joining up struggle and what can be done to help. Picture the scene. A young lad - or lass - from a small Lancashire village arrives at Army Training College. It's something they've wanted to do for as long as they can remember training to serve their country. And it's finally here. The first few weeks, the excitement's at fever pitch. New mates from all over the country. Sleeping in a dorm. A new routine. A wealth of information and a world of opportunity at your feet. Can life get any better? Then suddenly, a few weeks in, it hits you. You're sore. You're knackered. You're neither as fit - or as cocky - as you thought you were back in Lancashire. For the first time ever, you're away from home. There's no mum cooking a Sunday roast while you watch telly and there's no dad to have a chat with when your best mate's being an idiot - again. You're loving you new life, and you're determined to make a go of it. But you hadn't banked on just how hard you were going to find it being away from everything you've ever known.This feeling, the homesickness, is totally normal. But it's tough. Really, really tough. It's a feeling I remember all too well. My first six weeks as a recruit in the Corps (Royal Marines) were a huge shock to the system. Nothing could have prepared me not only for being away from family and friends, but also for the intense nature of the training. I was terribly homesick and I felt lost, despite the best efforts of the Commando Training Team to ease me in. This is the reason I started Military Standard Training. I wanted to set up something that would help young people prepare mentally for leaving home for the first time when they first join up. It seemed crazy that there is so much support to help military personnel make the transition back to civvy street after they have finished serving, but there is nothing at the start of their careers. When you think about it, it's total madness. At Military Standard Training, we are here to help, bridging the gap between young people leaving traditional education and starting military training. Our training is the best there is, lasting up to 26 weeks, and gives 16-24 year olds the foundations basic life skills you need for life in the forces. And best of all? It won't cost you a penny as it's totally free. As all of our team are ex-forces, we really have been there, done that and some of us have even bought the teeshirt. It's safe to say, we know what we're doing and we know exactly what you need to learn before you start your military training college. When they leave, our recruits understand all about military values and standards and have tons of military knowledge as well as various qualifications. And physically - think you're fit now? You will be when we finish with you and believe us, you'll need to be when you start training. Most importantly of all, we'll make sure we prepare your mind, giving you the mental strength and stamina to make a real go of it. Our first set of MST recruits are just about to pass out of training college. They'll tell you how Military Standard Training will build your confidence and stamina, as well as your physical condition and life skills. They'll tell you how joining up might quite possibly be the best thing you ever do. Because it really is. For more information please call 0161 5050 460.

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